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Terms and Conditions

The following terms of the agreement form an integral part of this contract and any variations must be agreed in writing.

The deposit is non-transferable & non-refundable following a 7 day cooling off period.

Ardent Wedding Photography will be in contact with you about two to three weeks prior to your wedding day to arrange a pre-wedding
appointment. Any remaining balance is to be paid by that meeting date and have cleared prior to the wedding.

The photographer is given licence to choose locations and direct poses as they feel appropriate, and their
selection of shots will be deemed as correct and not subject of dispute.

Ardent Wedding Photography may use any photograph from our wedding should for their portfolio or for the purpose
of advertising or display, but not resale to other parties other than with written consent.

The photographer will have Public Liability and Public Indemnity insurance but in the event of photographic failure,
lack of product availability, cancellation of this contract by the photographer, dissatisfaction with any aspect relating to products
or services given or any other public liability or public indemnity issue, liability shall be limited to a maximum of any monies
paid by the contracted parties to Ardent Wedding Photography.

In the event a product (such as an album) is no longer available an alternative will be offered. The photographers choice
of an alternative will be deemed as correct and acceptable to the client. Any surcharge resulting from a new product
following replacement will be the responsibility of the client.

Whilst every effort will be made the photographer cannot guarantee colour matching and is not to be held
responsible for any colour variations(changes do occur with light and location variations).

The retouching and artist finishing of images is an optional extra.

All orders and re-orders shall be treated as an extention of this contract and no responsibility for errors
will be accepted unless the order is made in writing.

Copyright of any images remains with the photographer unless there is a written agreement to the contrary.